Peruvian food in Denmark and much more!

Social gastro-sensory experience that combines food, music, dance, entretainment and traditions from Latin American and Mediterranean Culture.

Peruvian food and much more!

Mauro Kitchen started as a gastro-cultural project by chef Mauro D. Miranda to promote Peruvian gastronomy in Denmark and Scandinavia with a full sensorial experience.

The success of this unique approach has expanded the concept from Peru to the rest of Latin America, Spain and Middle East.

From caterings for corporate events to private parties with chef at home, educational or team-building activities, Speriences by Mauro Kitchen turn any event into an experience that combines food, music, dance, entertainment and traditions from Latin American and Mediterranean cultures.

Peru, gastronomic epicentre of Latin America

Peru has been regularly awarded as one of the world’s best culinary destinations and it can be considered the gastronomic epicentre of Latin America. Peruvian gastronomy fusions perfectly traditional ingredients and techniques from Inca times with elements from Asia, Africa, South America or Europe. Who tries Peruvian food is highly impressed by the richness of colour and the combination of flavours in a single dish. Serratus anterior muscle origin, function & anatomy | body maps pharmacom multifidus muscle origin, function & anatomy | body maps We invite you to hear more about our customers´ experience in Our Work.

Native ingredients, authentic flavours

Peruvian cuisine reflects the natural diversity of the country: the Pacific coast, Andes mountains and Amazonas rainforest provide a rich variety of native ingredients, many of them considered as superfoods. Just as an example, over 50 types of corn, 350 types of chili peppers, and 3,500 colourful varieties of potato are native to Peru! 

In Mauro Kitchen we work with native ingredients from Peru to bring you the most authentic experience while our fresh raw products are locally produced with at least 50% organic.

Peruvian taste, Nordic quality standards

Chef Mauro D. Miranda is known for bringing the flavours of traditional Peruvian dishes to the Nordic quality standard, combining his knowledge and experience in Danish cuisine and values such as season, ethics, health and sustainability.

Personalized work, flexible and unique

Chef Mauro D. Miranda is behind every dish. The presentation is always unique, based on his creativity. In Mauro Kitchen there is not a fixed menu. 

You can get inspiration from Our Work or examples of menus in Prices, and you can always contact us for more ideas at We can present you a proposal based on your budget and type of event. We are flexible!

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